Environmental and employee protection ...
... are major themes in foundries - and rightly so!
Gone are the days of smoke, fumes and noxious emissions.
The use of inorganic binder makes this possible.


And that thank you not only your employees and the neighbors of your location - even well-known companies rely on sustainability and environmental protection.
To stay competitive as a supplier, the implementation of these issues during operation is unavoidable.


A further advantage of today's inorganic binder is the possibility of mechanical used sand regeneration, because their binder residuals can be more easily separated from the sand.


With up to 100% regrind use rejoices also your purse on the high cost savings in the new sand-acquisition.


Technofond is your competent partner... the field of inorganic binders and regenerating plants.


In a personal conversation we can show you profitability and amortization of your own plant.


At our client AGVS in Villingen-Schwenningen...

... a Reibregenerator is in use already since the end of 2011.


On 25.05.2012 this system was introduced during the production process.

The detailed process description, which was publicated on this day, can be found here.