Non-destructive material testing



A system for non-destructive material testing using penetrant method, suitable for ferrous and nonferrous metals. 


Our testing system CPD 100 consists of the components:

- Cleaner CPD 100 R1-S

- Dye penetrant red CPD 100 PR-S

- Developer CPD 100 E-S

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Gisela Uebachs managing director at Technofond

We are pleased to announce that, since 01.01.2017, in addition to Dipl.-Ing. Mark Thienel also Dipl.-Ing. Gisela Uebachs represents Technofond GmbH as managing director.


Mrs. Uebachs has been working for Technofond since 01.08.2000.

She is responsible for the areas of laboratory management as well as quality and environmental management.

Furthermore, she is a dangerous goods manager of Technofond GmbH.


Mrs. Uebachs will continue to be responsible for these areas as Managing Director.


Environmental and employee protection ...
... are major themes in foundries - and rightly so!
Gone are the days of smoke, fumes and noxious emissions.
The use of inorganic binder makes this possible.


And that thank you not only your employees and the neighbors of your location - even well-known companies rely on sustainability and environmental protection.
To stay competitive as a supplier, the implementation of these issues during operation is unavoidable.


A further advantage of today's inorganic binder is the possibility of mechanical used sand regeneration, because their binder residuals can be more easily separated from the sand.


With up to 100% regrind use rejoices also your purse on the high cost savings in the new sand-acquisition.

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GIFA 2015

Thank you very much for you visit at our stand on GIFA 2015!

For us it was the first participation as an exhibitor and we were very pleased with the numerous visits and interesting conversations.

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