About us

  • 1983   Technofond Gießereihilfsmittel GmbH is founded by Albert Fontaine and Horst Thienel in Neuhofen (Pfalz). Both partners bring in many years of experience on the foundry sector.
  • 1985   Albert Fontaine leaves Technofond Gießerheihilfsmittel GmbH.
  • 1999   Dipl.-Ing. Mark Thienel gets further Managing Director of Technofond Gießereihilfsmittel GmbH.
  • 2003   Technofond Gießereihilfsmittel GmbH moves to the current company building in Harthausen (Pfalz). Since then 250 high rack spaces and adequate space for production and storage ensure a prompt and modern order processing.
  • 2013   Dipl.-Ing. Mark Thienel gets sole Managing Director of Technofond Gießereihilfsmittel GmbH.
  • 2014   Reconstruction of the storage area, which was completely destroyed due to a gas explosion on a neighboring company grounds in 2013, and expansion to 320 high-bay spaces - as well as the construction of our own laboratory and expansion of the office space.
  • 2023   Dipl.-Ing. Gisela Uebachs appointed authorized signatury.