Hydrogen Analysis

...with the MARTECH-VTCM 0017

Aluminium an aluminium alloys can dissolve considerable amounts of gas in the liquid state. The most frequently occurring gas is hydrogen. The existing hydrogen in the molten metal causes porosity during solidification of the metal. This porosity affects the mechanical properties, the density and also the appearance of the mouldings.

With the MARTECH-VTCM 0017, you can monitor the hydrogen content immediately before casting and possibly carry out another degassing operation.


This reduces the reject rate due to porosity of castings and makes it possible to assess the efficiency of the degassing treatment.

Hydrogen analyzer MARTECH-VTCM 0017 with scales Nagata and accessories

Here the special features and advantages of our MARTECH-VTCM 0017:

  • The integrated temperature sensor

It captures the density index in relation to the actual temperature of the sample and links it to the batch number.

This leads to a better traceability and thus also to an informative capability within the company quality assurance system.

Vakuum chamber of Hydrogen analyzer MARTECH-VTCM 0017
Vakuum chamber
  • The additional vacuum storage

The vacuum pump must not be running during the entire duration of the measurement process. Vacuum losses in the chamber can be compensated by pressure sensor and magnet valve from the stainless steel vacuum storage.

So the life of the pump is significantly extended and the maintenance costs are reduced.

  • The low weight

With its weight of only 22.8 kg MARTECH-VTCM 0017 is easy to transport and can thus be used variably.

It is nevertheless robust and very suitable for use in the foundry.

Formatic-Handy of Hydrogen-analyzer MARTECH-VTCM 0017


The density index can be calculated using the program included in the delivery on your PC.


Alternatively, a direct measurement and evaluation via the separately available Formatic-Handy is possible.